Contribute to Gitcoin’s mission and grow the ecosystem together

The Gitcoin Citizen Grants Program is a pioneering initiative designed to foster innovation and community participation within the Gitcoin ecosystem. Comprising three distinct pillars—Citizens Retro, Citizens Innovate, and Citizens Forward—this program aims to empower community members to propose, execute, and contribute to projects aligned with Gitcoin’s Essential Intents.

Program Pillars:

  1. Citizens Retro: Recognizing and rewarding community contributions retroactively to incentivize ongoing engagement and support within the ecosystem.

  2. Citizens Innovate: Encouraging community members to propose actionable ideas (Gitcoin Citizen Proposals - GCPs) aligned with Gitcoin’s goals, with funding provided for approved initiatives.

  3. Citizens Forward: Providing opportunities for DAO-led initiatives, inviting Citizen contributions to specific projects through Request for Proposals (RFPs) backed by DAO-approved budgets.

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