The Gitcoin community makes decisions by voting on proposals. Anyone who has delegated GTC to themselves or has been delegated GTC by someone else is able to cast their vote.

In order for a proposal to go to a vote, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. Posted for a minimum of 5 days on the Governance Forum

  2. Have received a minimum of 5 comments from Stewards (excluding the proposer)

Once a proposal goes to vote, it typically goes to:

  • An off-chain vote (to see if the community wants to proceed with the proposal), then

  • An on-chain vote (to ratify the results of the off-chain vote)

This process is in place to eliminate gas fees for Stewards. The results of any off-chain vote (win/lose) are immediately replicated on-chain.

Voting mechanisms vary by proposal. Gitcoin currently exclusively follows a 1-token, 1-vote system. That said, we've also used quadratic voting to select our Steward Council, and intend to continue experimenting with other voting mechanisms.

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