Grants Lab

Grants Lab is a business unit within Gitcoin that is focused on empowering anyone in the EVM ecosystem to create, manage, and grow successful grants programs. Grants Lab encompasses Grants Stack and Allo protocol. Its primary mission is to achieve product-market fit (PMF) and drive widespread adoption of Grants Stack. The ultimate goal of Grants Lab aligns with Gitcoin's overarching objective of distributing $1 billion in funds through Allo protocol.


  • Increase grants GMV (measured as Allo GMV) within the Gitcoin ecosystem

  • Focus on product development, product adoption, and product/growth marketing

  • Manage grant operations and sales activities

Decision Rights:

  • Determine quarterly OKRs for the Grants Lab team

  • Coordinate progress tracking and coordination among former Allo, Grants Stack, GPT, and GSD workstreams

  • Manage budget requests and allocations for critical operations and initiatives

  • Oversee key initiatives such as Allo v2 migration and successful execution of GG20

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Achievement of quarterly OKRs set by the Grants Lab team

  • Progress in increasing grants GMV and achieving product adoption goals

  • Effective hiring and onboarding of key positions to drive product adoption and marketing efforts


  • Experience in product development, growth marketing, and sales activities

  • Deep understanding of the Gitcoin ecosystem and grants industry

  • Strong project management and coordination skills


  • Staffed by former Allo, Grants Stack, GPT, and GSD workstreams

  • Managed by the GM of Grants Lab

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