Gitcoin Foundation

Long term steward ensuring legal and regulatory comp


What ongoing activities is the role responsible for?

  • Maintain legal compliance and good standing for the organizations on behalf of the DAO

  • Ensure business continuity for all banking and financial (fiat) requirements

  • Support and mentor (when appropriate) the DAO and its members

  • Ensure the organization has clear goals, objectives and timelines for accomplishing those goals

  • Transparency in reporting and accounting to stewards in the actions and finances of the foundation

  • Provide inspiration and guidance on long term outcomes the DAO is seeking

  • Support operational excellence within the organization, and the leaders working to realize our collective organizational vision

  • Proposal and facilitation of collective alignment around our goals and objectives

    • Not be mandated by the foundation - merely guides in the process to alignment

Decision Rights

What decisions are reserved for this role?

  • Legal compliance for our entities and operations there within

    • Final approvals on agreements requiring a signature from our entity(s)

  • Banking infrastructure for our organization

  • Accounting compliance for the accounts the foundation and its subsidiaries have

  • RFP scopes of work that advance the organization and its goals (with advice)

  • Multi-year partnerships or projects (with advice)

Evaluation Criteria

What measures or outcomes can be used to evaluate this role?

  • Number of lawsuits (something around 0)

  • Orderly accounting documents

  • Meeting stated OKRs at the end of each season?

  • End-of-season feedback from Workstream Leads and Steward Council?


What skills or experience are needed to perform within this workstream effectively?

  • Crypto experience and a deep understanding of our industry and that of (ideally) the public goods ecosystem within the ethereum community and beyond.

  • Strong operational capabilities with familiarity in business planning, financial planning and Cayman / BVI law

  • Highly organized and able to support a multitude of stakeholders, workstreams and organizations.

  • Proven leadership and team management prowess.

  • Familiarity with blockchain technology and its potential impact on public goods.

  • Operational expertise, encompassing business planning, financial planning, and familiarity with Cayman/BVI law.

  • Exceptional organizational skills with the capacity to support a diverse array of stakeholders, workstreams, and organizations.


How are roles within this workstream filled?

  • There is currently no process in place to fill the role of the Executive Director

  • All other roles are based on two-way consent between the Executive Director and the candidate

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