How to Become a Gitcoin Steward

Participating in Gitcoin's governance can require a serious time commitment. For this reason, people are able to delegate their GTC to community members who have explicitly volunteered to play an active role in Gitcoin's governance.

Being a Steward is an important job that comes with a lot of responsibility. Therefore, before deciding to become a Steward, you should be familiar with:

  • The Gitcoin Working Constitution (coming soon)

  • This Governance Manual

Becoming a Gitcoin Steward

To become a Gitcoin Steward you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Create an account on our Governance Forum

  2. Declare your intention to be a Gitcoin Steward

  3. Link your Discourse handle to your ETH address

  4. Delegate yourself (or be delegated) GTC

On this page, we'll cover steps 2 to 4.

Declare Your Intention to be a Gitcoin Steward

  1. If it doesn't already automatically scroll to the bottom, do so. You can also click the bottom of the sidebar to quickly scroll to the latest post (see screenshot below)

  1. Include the information below at a minimum. Feel free to add any extra information that will help other Stewards better get to know you and understand your motivations and expertise.

Gitcoin Username:

ETH Address:

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

What Qualifications / Skills I Have:

  1. In the top right corner of your screen, click on your profile image, then click on the human icon at the bottom of the drop down list

  1. Under the "Summary" tab, click the words "Link Wallet"

  1. Sign into your wallet on the Karma website. Watch this video for what this will look like.

  2. As demonstrated in the video, copy the link you are provided and paste it into the Governance Forum thread called Linking discourse handle to your ETH address.

Delegate Yourself (or be Delegated) GTC

The instructions below will demonstrate how to delegate GTC for yourself. To have GTC delegated from someone else, please pass on these instructions.

GTC is Gitcoin's native governance token and you can learn more about it here. These instructions will not go into detail about how to acquire GTC and assumes that you are already in possession of GTC.

  1. Search your name and click the big "Delegate" button underneath your profile card.

  2. Once the pop-up comes up, once again click the "Delegate" button.

  3. Sign in with your wallet containing GTC and sign the transaction.

You will automatically donate 100% of the GTC tokens in your wallet. If you want to delegate your tokens among several different individuals, you'll need to have your GTC distributed across several different wallet addresses.

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