Proposals can vary broadly in their stated goals and requests.

  • They may ask the community to endorse a specific policy and procedure (e.g. “Should Gitcoin Grants allow VC backed projects?”), or ask the community to build something (e.g. “Building a new software tool” or “Writing improved documentation”).

  • They may have no funding requests attached (e.g. “Should we adopt a new Foundation for the DAO”), or make an explicit request for funding (e.g. “We would like to create a workstream focused on building a decentralized architecture for Gitcoin Grants”).

Typically, proposals will fall into one of several categories:

  1. Funding proposals : A workstream requests funding from the Gitcoin DAO treasury.

  2. Ratification proposals: The community or a workstream asks the community to approve something it wants to do, like issuing matching funds to Gitcoin Grantees at the end of a Grants round.

  3. Governance proposals: The community is asked to ratify proposed changes to policy or procedures, like updating the Gitcoin Governance Process document, adopting the Foundation, etc. or the community is asked to vote on structural changes to how the DAO operates.

  4. Reallocation proposals: A previously-funded project/Workstream may want to use their approved funds toward net new objectives that were not approved when funding was initially requested. In this case, the project/Workstream would need to receive approval from the community to do so. In the case they are not approved, funds should be sent back to the DAO treasury.

There is currently no discintion between regular proposals and Gitcoin Community Proposals.

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