Off-chain voting

Off-chain voting takes place on Snapshot.

The purpose of this initial vote is to minimize gas fees for Stewards. Decisions on Snapshot are binding and, in the case of funds being transferred from Gitcoin's Treasury, are subsequently taken onto Tally for an onchain vote.

Only those holding GTC or who have been delegated GTC can vote.

Quorum is currently set at 2.5M GTC tokens.

Proposals should be live for seven days in order to be considered for onchain ratification.

Any proposal requesting funds be released from Gitcoin's Treasury should have the following voting options:

  • Yes

  • No

  • Abstain

There should be no more or less options. If a Governance Forum discussion has multiple options to choose from, the proposer must select 1 amount to be voted on.

All proposals not requesting funding do not necessarily need to have a yes/no option, though they should still contain an "abstain" option.

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