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Allo Protocol

Credibly neutral open-source protocol that enables groups to efficiently and transparently allocate pooled capital.

Gitcoin Grants Stack

Protocol-enabled solution that enables any community to create, manage and grow a grants program. From deployment and application management, to funds allocation, Grants Stack makes it easy to run and grow a grants program.

Powered by Allo Protocol.

Gitcoin Passport

Premier solution for easy-to-use identity management tools that protect communities from Sybils and bots.

Credible Neutrality

A mechanism is credibly neutral if it does not discriminate for or against any specific people, treating everyone fairly, to the extent that it’s possible in today’s diverse and complicated world.

Credibly neutral parts of Gitcoin: Allo Protocol, Passport, Grants Stack

Not credibly neutral parts of Gitcoin: rounds, programs.

Contains both credibly neutral and not credibly neutral components: Gitcoin Grants ecosystem

Progressive decentralization

Decentralization is the transfer of control of an activity or organization to several local entities or authorities rather than one single one.

Progressive decentralization is the philosophy of decentralization over time, in increments. Over time, legal, brand, governance, product, computation, data, functions of Gitcoin have been progressively decentralized. As Gitcoin Grants continues to progressively decentralize, there may be different components that modularize and decentralize over time.

One way we may eventually progressively decentralize is through modularizing the programs.

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