Decision Making

In cases where individual workstreams are unable, unwilling, or should not make a decision, and making a decision via a token holder vote is not appropriate, CSDO must make the decision.

The primary voting mechanism used at CSDO is a majority vote. When possible, the group will try to find consensus, though this is not required in order to ratify a decision.


In the regularly scheduled CSDO meeting, a quorum of at least 50% of voting members must present for decisions to be made.

If a CSDO representative cannot make a meeting, they can send an alternate to vote in their place. This representative counts toward meeting quorum.

Decision Making Process

  1. The WS Lead sends pre-reading to the CSDO team 24 hours in advance in Discord. The pre-reading should be sufficient to enable information symmetry - ie, the decision makers have the relevant facts in a digestible format, inclusive of a clear statement of the issue, identified options (and the pros and cons), plus recommendation(s) where possible.

  2. the brief author quickly outlines the issue and options and asks for any clarification questions.

  3. The options are then put up for a simple majority vote in attendance.

There is currently no process in the event of a tie.

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