Primary Functions


Why does CSDO exist? What is it here to do?

It's all coordination. Always has been - CSDO provides the space and conditions for higher-stake cross-workstream decisions and coordination to be quickly resolved and facilitated, enabling Gitcoin to move faster.


What beliefs inform how we operate?


  • We co-own the strategic direction of our DAO

  • We believe in workstream autonomy and sovereignty as our default decision making model without explicit consent

  • We make our work highly transparent, visible, and legible to all DAO contributors

  • We think outcome-oriented at all times


  • We respect each other’s limited time, and cover only topics that impact a majority of the DAO and need a synchronous check-in

  • We know our peers are highly skilled and values aligned; there is shared trust

  • We recognize our responsibility to patiently lead in the direction of decentralization, one of our core values

  • We are smarter together and all need constructive feedback

  • We believe in and make space for thoughtful experimentation


What ongoing work is this team responsible for?

  • Aligning workstream work (eg. budgets and objectives).

  • Making decisions for topics that don’t live within individual workstreams nor within the decision making realm of Stewards or the Foundation (e.g., audits, essential intents, GTC utility, business model, sustainability, team values).

  • Holding ourselves and the wider DAO accountable (e.g., peer & steward feedback)

  • Representing the interests of our DAO with the Stewards and at the Steward council

  • Creating alternative venues (outside of CSDO) for sensemaking and strategic direction (ie, creating cross functional working groups).

Decision Rights

What concentrated authority does CSDO hold?

  • How our Purpose is translated into Essential Intents & strategic outcomes

  • DAO-wide governing agreements (except what’s passed to Snapshot vote)

  • How CSDO works and decides, who its members are

  • Who should be held accountable for delivering on cross-stream initiatives (where there aren’t clear lines of authority already present)

Working agreements

How will we use tools, communicate, meet, and manage workflow together?

  • Gathering: Jitsi, for easy streaming or Google Meets for recording/posting afterward

  • Transparency: A weekly summary is shared within the DAO Digest

  • Facilitation: We follow an adapted version of the action meeting process for our Ops Calls, facilitation alternates as indicated here, more below for sensemaking calls.

  • Efficiency: Every agenda topic should always have a desired outcome stated, and next steps should be logged

  • Accountability: Action items will be logged by CoS in the action item database and reviewed at the start of csdo ops meeting

  • Time Commitment: Commitment of 2-4 hours to CSDO each week for async reviewing and attending the CSDO Ops and sense making calls. This means a minimum of +/- 9 hrs/month, but this can easily increase to 17 hrs/month or more, depending on extra calls, ad-hoc task forces, etc.

  • Executive sessions: these are closed-door sessions that are not live-streamed or recorded, nor are notes taken of the meeting. Any member of CSDO can propose an executive session at any time as needed with majority vote approval.

Evaluation Criteria

How do we evaluate whether or not CSDO as a body is functioning well and if each individual contributor is performing well?

  • Goal Achievement: Measure the percentage of strategic objectives met within a set timeframe.

  • Budget Adherence: Evaluate how well the CSDO sticks to allocated budgets for projects and initiatives.

  • Alignment with Organizational Vision: Periodic review of decisions and strategies to ensure they align with the broader organizational vision and mission.

  • Contributor Satisfaction Surveys: Gather feedback from the broader organization on the effectiveness and clarity of CSDO's decisions and strategies.

  • External Partner Feedback: Gather insights from external partners or stakeholders on their interactions and experiences with Gitcoin if applicable.

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