Ecosystem Collective

The Ecosystem Collective is an initiative designed to support the growth and health of the Gitcoin ecosystem and advance the web3 grants industry as a whole. It aims to steward Gitcoin's community and governance functions, fostering collaboration and innovation within the ecosystem. The Ecosystem Collective works towards co-creating and sharing a robust community charter and decentralization roadmap to detail plans for its activities.


  • Guide Gitcoin's community and governance in support of ecosystem growth and health

  • Foster deep engagement and participation in Gitcoin's ecosystem

  • Experiment with Gitcoin's products and prototypes to advance its mission

  • Forward Gitcoin as an impact-driven brand in the web3 ecosystem

  • Support and expedite the success of the web3 grants industry

Decision Rights:

  • Determine strategy and priorities for the Ecosystem Collective

  • Approve budgets for the 360 Team and Citizen Grants Program

  • Ratify any drastic changes to objectives or strategies

  • Approve budget amendments and changes

  • Evaluate and approve initiatives proposed through the Citizen Grants Program

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Alignment with Gitcoin's mission and focus areas (People, Impact, Innovation)

  • Potential for deepening engagement and participation in the ecosystem

  • Potential for advancing Gitcoin's mission and impact in the web3 ecosystem

  • Financial sustainability and effectiveness of initiatives proposed


  • Experience in community engagement, governance, and impact-driven initiatives

  • Deep understanding of Gitcoin's ecosystem, products, and mission

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills

  • Ability to prioritize and execute strategic initiatives effectively


  • 360 Team: Always-on contributors with specific skills responsible for executing key initiatives and providing context for Gitcoin Citizens

  • Pods: Emergent groups of contributors working on funded initiatives, held accountable by the 360 Team

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