Core development for the use and easy adoption of Allo Protocol


What ongoing activities is the role responsible for?

  • Developing and enhancing Allo Protocol based on user needs and feedback

  • Engaging with the Allo community, delivering support, and fostering discussions to address user needs

  • Conducting research, exploring new mechanisms and best practices, and contributing to the broader blockchain ecosystem

  • Experimenting with new product opportunities that can advance the Allo Protocol ecosystem

Decision Rights

What decisions are reserved for this role?

  • Setting the vision, strategy, and roadmap for the products being developed by the workstream

  • All decisions relating to product implementations of the product (design, feature priority, final functionality, etc)

  • How to architect and drive adoption of value capture strategies for the products being developed by the workstream

  • Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy for the workstream’s products

  • Setting and garnering support for the workstream’s budget / operational plan

  • Hiring, managing, and organizing teams to execute the workstream’s efforts, within the workstream’s DAO-approved budget

Evaluation Criteria

What measures or outcomes can be used to evaluate this role?

  • KPIs set at the beginning of the season

  • Level of adoption of Allo Protocol

    • Number of integrations with the protocol

    • Number of externally-developed mechanisms

  • Ease of use of technical documentation

  • Amount of revenue generated vs. burn rate to run the workstream


What skills or experience are needed to perform within this workstream effectively?

  • Knowledge of various funding mechanisms


How are roles within this workstream filled?

  • Two-way consent between the Workstream Lead and the candidate

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