🏛️Steward Council Member

Advising and working alongside senior leaders at the DAO


What ongoing activities is the role responsible for?

  • Advising Workstream Leads on areas of subject matter expertise

  • Advising the DAO regarding emerging organization opportunities, risks and challenges

  • Overseeing and commenting on financial reports and plans

  • Advocating on behalf of Gitcoin when big announcements and partnerships happen

  • Help the DAO evaluate high-risk activities such as partnerships, product launches, etc.

  • Overseeing workstream performance and delivery

  • Participating in active discussions and proposals in the governance forum

  • Participating in Steward Council calls as needed

Decision Rights

What decisions are reserved for this role?

  • N/A

Evaluation Criteria

What measures or outcomes can be used to evaluate this role?


What skills or experience are needed to perform this role effectively?

  • Exper


How is this role filled?

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