👩‍✈️Workstream Lead

Setting the strategy and direction for the workstream


What ongoing activities is the role responsible for?

  • Setting and approving the team's vision, goals, and priorities

  • Managing the day-to-day activities of the team including task assignment, workload distribution, and ensuring that everyone is working efficiently

  • Mentoring and coaching team members to help them grow in their roles, providing guidance, support, and feedback for career development

  • Making final decisions on behalf of the workstream (as needed)

  • Lead the peer review process at the workstream

  • Develop and post budgets

  • Determine the team composition and structure

  • Attend and prepare for monthly Steward Sync calls (min. 2/3 per season)*

  • Attend Cross-stream DAO Operations (CSDO) Calls

Decision rights

What decisions are reserved for this role?

  • Workstream staffing decisions

  • Setting the workstream's budgets

  • Strategy and implementation plan for respective product (or workstream activities)

Evaluation Criteria

What measures or outcomes can be used to evaluate this role?

  • Ability to set and hit OKRs ahead of each season


What skills or experience are needed to perform this role effectively?

  • Strong leadership and strategic thinking skills

  • Experience in the area of their workstream's speciality (ex: marketing, product development, etc.)


  • Currently filled by:

    • Nate (Allo)

    • Meg (Grants Stack)

    • Jeremy (Passport)

    • Laura (MMM)

    • Sov (PGF)

  • Onboarding Process: Position is filled by:

    • Two-way consent between the candidate and the Executive Director of the Foundation

  • Offboarding Process: Should a Workstream Lead require to be offboarded, the reasons should fall under one of the following categories and follow their respective processes:

    1. Breach of Conduct: In case of any breach of conduct, such as theft or harassment, with sufficient evidence, the Executive Director has the authority to remove the Workstream Lead immediately and without consultation. This action ensures swift response to serious violations. CSDO will be informed of the process as soon as possible.

    2. Organizational Restructuring or Cost-cutting Measures: In the case that there are either financial constraints or shifts in organizational strategy/direction, the Executive Director has the authority to remove the Workstream Lead in consultation with CSDO.

    3. Performance Issues: Should there be performance issues identified with the Workstream Lead, be it by the Executive Director, other Workstream Leads or workstream contributors, the Executive Director has the authority to remove the Workstream Lead after following the procedure below:

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